Dalton Consulting Engineers

Brand transformation for market growth

"What I appreciated so much about your process was that it made us reflect on how we saw our business and focus on how we wanted to be seen in the industry. It was terrific ... We are about to celebrate 21 years in business and the branding will be at the forefront of that celebration."

Director, Dalton Consulting Engineers


Dalton Consulting Engineers (DCE) was a respectable, profitable Melbourne firm that lacked recognition commensurate with their achievements. They realised they could not achieve their goals of national growth without a strong brand identity.


We worked with their leadership team to create a brand model to articulate core qualities such as vision, values, personality, positioning, brand belief and value proposition. This provided the strategic foundation for creating visual concepts that were inspired by engineering software and sketches and bringing the lines alive to give the illusion of three-dimensional objects.

We used a colour palette of black and white for strategic as well as aesthetic reasons, because our research uncovered that none of their competitors were using these colours.

We created a new logo and style guide, and company marketing communications including stationery, signage 
and brochures. This formed the beginning of a transformative brand strategy that will eventually align staff to brand and increase engagement.


According to Shane Dalton, founder of the firm, our efforts were transformative. The strategy workshops were highly insightful and challenged them to think differently about their business. As a result they changed some of their operational processes.