Brand Research

We have been impressed by the calibre and breadth of your services, which have come together to create a powerful business outcome.

Ian Christensen
Chief Executive, Excellerate Australia (formerly AutoCRC)

Ultimately your brand isn’t defined by you but by your customers, in an ever-evolving process.

Many companies don’t understand how their brand is perceived. If you aren’t attuned to your customers, much of your marketing may prove ineffectual. Brand research uncovers what your customers think and feel.

We methodically solicit feedback from your stakeholders, including through surveys, interviews, voice-of-customer and voice-of-employee analysis, and face-to-face facilitation sessions.

As a result, we are able to show you what your customers think about you and about your competition. This allows you to get the most from your marketing budget, mitigate competitive risks, and discover new business opportunities.

Key capabilities

Desk research

Literature reviews

Competitor and market analysis

Quantitative research

Customer satisfaction surveys

Pre and post wave research

Qualitative research

One-on-one interviews with employees, customers and other stakeholders

Focus groups

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