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Darren Taylor
Managing Director and Head of Strategy and Research

Here is a sneak peak of what's inside ‘The Promised Brand. The 9 Brand Keys To Market Leadership’ eBook.

Case study

Sullair becomes top brand in their segment and achieves 40% business growth in 12 months

One of their product categories achieved 200% growth within three years. Sullair continues to dominate their industry as a market leader.

Case study

Premier Waste received 20% sales growth in under 18 months

Then proceeded to rank number 2 in Victoria followed by a generous valuation and sale price, which exceeded our client’s expectations.

Case study

Alchemy Construct achieved their 40% year-on-year growth target.

Their challenger brand stance differentiated them from the competition; helping them build visibility and reputation, solidifying their position in the marketplace and in turn, attracting winning talent and all-important tenders.

What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it, hear what some of our clients say about working with us.

I’ve worked with Taylor & Grace for over 8 years, working on a variety of projects across a range of companies. I can confidently say that they are a significant business partner, who has helped us achieve exceptional growth and outcomes across a range of businesses. They go deep to understand our business, markets and customers and help us achieve growth efficiently by truly tailoring their approach, cutting through the fluff, challenging the status quo and thinking outside the square to deliver business solutions that really work in practice.
Chad Holland
Waste Management entrepreneur
It’s been so valuable having T&G as our partner for five years. They’ve immersed themselves in our business, so much so that when I went on maternity leave they effectively were the backup. They’ve got the knowledge, experience and speed to do a significant number of projects quickly and effectively. It’s such a great relationship and I’d recommend them to anyone!
Tammy Begley
National Marketing Manager
SAI Global Property
A few years ago, we outsourced our entire brand and marketing program to Taylor & Grace so that we could focus solely on our strengths. Their turnkey solution has taken us from being product oriented to market oriented. We have increased our digital footprint and brand awareness in target industry sectors, successfully launched many new products, increased our sales leads, and importantly, have grown the business over a challenging COVID period.
Nick Shepherd
National Sales & Marketing Manager
Sullair Australia
The wonderful, very talented and dedicated team at Taylor & Grace have gone above and beyond to deliver such fine work. A pleasure and a privilege to work with, we look forward to continuing this brand journey with them. From strategy to development and implementation, Taylor & Grace is the complete package.
Emma Collin
Chief Executive Officer
Fight Parkinson’s
It has been a challenging journey made so much more satisfying by the time I have spent with all of you. You are all so professional, diligent and talented that at times I have felt like a passenger. A passenger relaxed in the knowledge that those driving are well in control!
Nic Richardson
General Manager, DoctorDoctor,
part of Sonic Healthcare

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