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The strength of T&G is offering bespoke solutions with high client touch. When you deal with larger agencies you know you’re getting a homogenous solution, with T&G we could see the thought that was put into it. The quality of the team stood behind a great proactive process from inception through to execution. There was rigour in the briefing process that resulted in exceptional creative delivery.

Jackie Coates
Communications Manager, Australia Post

Internal communications is the Cinderella of the communications field, overlooked and undervalued.

Good internal communications can build a brand culture, embed brand behaviours, improve efficiency, staff retention, customer relations and even sales. Poor internal communications can lead to increased overhead, obstruct growth and even result in lawsuits.

All organisations need to focus on internal communications, but clear, on-brand alignment is especially important to new businesses and businesses that want to scale up.

Internal communications should be always on and always reinforcing the brand strategy.

We help you to create a clear line of sight between your business objectives, your company values, your audience and their input. We help you build powerful communications that are easy to grasp, interesting and engaging to your employees, stakeholders, members or business partners.

Key capabilities

Values and behaviours workshops

Internal communications and processes audit

Staff interviews

Internal communications strategy development

Engagement surveys

Internal incentive programs

Event theming and internal collateral development

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