Brand Research & Measurement

Brand research and measurement gives us a snapshot of how your brand is perceived and the extent to which it is known and your brand’s position, relative to your competition. It takes a holistic look at your brand, its strengths and weaknesses, and provides valuable data for testing internal assumptions and strategy positions as well as tracking and evaluating brand performance and investment over time.

We do brand research and measurement for most of clients. It acts as a strong foundation and backbone as we start on their brand journey. However this research and measurement isn’t a once-off; Customers, markets and competitors are in a constant state of flux. We encourage our clients to commit to a rolling health check covering brand measurement and brand strategy review. Brands that are measured and refined ongoingly stand the test of time.

On our Brand Research & Measurement menu is:

Brand audits and reviews

Brand research – quantitative and qualitative

Brand evaluation and measurement