Turning Ten

A celebration of branding

"A brand is the expression of an entity, person, product or service, as designed by its creator and perceived by the world."

Co-Authors, Rebranding Branding


 Being a brand agency, we wanted to celebrate our tenth anniversary by putting our money where our mouth is and expressing our own brand identity at our birthday party.

We wanted to celebrate with playfulness and non-conformity, which are two of the values dear to our heart.


To brand not Taylor & Grace but ‘age ten’.

 When we develop a brand identity for our clients, we use both strategy and creativity.

We first conducted a focus group with our subject matter experts – ten 10-year olds – to get a sense of what it means to be ten. Our team then went to work creating the brand strategy. We presented three design concepts to the client (the 10-year-olds) who selected a winner.


We documented the process and created an eight-minute video to show at our party. The video was a big hit, with the feedback from our guests overwhelmingly positive.

 Brand Ten expresses the essence of what we do as brand strategists, which is to combine strategy and visual creativity to help our clients leverage their brands and grow.