FEC Australia

Making a largely unknown, multi-billion dollar property developer, known


“We engaged T&G for direction and clarity around the brand for FEC Australia. After they developed a strategy and plan for the year, the first job was to refresh our website. T&G worked closely with us to ensure all our stakeholders were thrilled with the outcome.”

Head of Strategy and Partnerships
FEC Australia


It’s hard to believe that a property developer with billions of dollars’ worth of projects could be largely unknown. But such was the case when our client FEC approached us. Up until then, their marketing had promoted individual projects rather than the master brand – that was okay when they operated mainly in one market (Melbourne) but future geographic expansion plans called for a need to build the profile of the FEC company and brand.


T&G held marketing workshops and strategy sessions and out of that came a roadmap for developing all of FEC’s digital and non-digital marketing materials, so that there was a consistent corporate design and messaging.



One look, one feel, one voice. We redeveloped their website and all of their marketing materials. We gave them the look of a serious major player in the property development industry. Also, FEC now has the tools to tell new markets their corporate story via a social media strategy which T&G developed with Balmer Agency, a digital specialist partner we brought in for the project. So far, this has resulted in boosting their email subscribers and social followers 20 fold.