Halcyon Knights

Fast growth tech recruitment company needed a brand rethink


“When I came on board, I could see the company’s branding hadn’t kept pace with its incredibly fast growth. In the beginning not everyone was convinced of the need to undergo a brand refresh – but they certainly all were at the end.”

Marketing Manager, Halcyon Knights


Halcyon Knights had experienced rapid growth in their few short years of existence as a technology recruitment specialist. But they’d already outgrown many of the branding elements that had been put together on the run. Time for a rethink. Time to refresh and modernise the brand to give it a cohesive look and feel all of the management team and staff could get behind. Not just cosmetically, but culturally too.


T&G worked with the Marketing Manager to discover the brand strategy. We then built a narrative behind it. We brought together the many disparate visual elements that were often working against each other, and moulded them into a singular brand identity aligned to the brand strategy. By the end of our process, all could see the value and the future potential of a brand that had real purpose and meaning. And one that the team were keen to stand behind.



The leadership team now had the tools they needed to continue to grow and build the brand. Their new distinctive brand look and feel made them stand out in a very crowded, very competitive market.