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Q1. Website overview

Please give a brief overview of your business and detail how your current website (if any) is utilised as part of your overall business strategy.*

Q2. Website objectives

What do you like and dislike about your current website? What has driven the need for a change? Describe in detail what a successful website looks like to you.*

Q3. Target Audience

Who will be using the website and why? What information or parts of the website will they be visiting?

Q4. Describe your ideal website

What impression would you like the new website to convey, especially to the target audience?*

Q5. Aspirations

Provide some examples of other websites you like and what you really like about them.

Q6. Competitors

List your competitor’s websites and describe what you like and dislike about them?

Q7. Features

Now for the fun part! What specific features, functions and ongoing services will your new website require? Don't worry if you're unsure at this stage, T&G offer all these services (and more) as part of our digital offering.

Q8. Design considerations

Do you have an existing brand style guide, a library of your brand assets e.g. logos and imagery, or a certain or a specific design style in mind?*

Q9. Domains and Hosting

If you already own your own domain name and hosting, please provide details below, including provider name and levels of hosting.

10. SEO

Do you have an existing SEO strategy or supplier? Would you like us to integrate initial and/or ongoing SEO in your web strategy?'

11. Success

How will you measure the success of the new website? What are the essential metrics you would like us to consider?*

12. Project Timelines

Do you have a specific deadline you need to meet? What date would you ideally like to launch?*

13. Project budget

How much have you allocated for each stage of the website? This will help dictate the tools used as well as the overall scope of the project.

14. Project and IT Contacts

Who will be the main point of contact for project management in your organisation? And do you have an IT contact who can assist with any technical related questions?*