My love affair with branding

June 26, 2018

Branding is the mouth, not the lipstick

Brand is not cosmetic. Brand is fundamental to practically every business in the world today, and if you ignore it I can assure you your competitors won’t. 

Branding is the heart, not the valentine

I specialise in transforming companies through brand strategy. But I don’t say yes to every potential client. There has to be a product or service or team already in place that I can believe in and build on. I can’t stress this enough. It has to have heart and soul. It can’t just be stuck on. It has to be authentic. Branding is the engagement not the ring.


Engagement is the touchpoint of branding

The ones who get it wrong just slap a ring on it (or a logo) and hope for the best. The ones who get it right extend. They extend their brand to everything within their reach. Once upon a time an amusement park was just a roller coaster and a few other rides.. The brand ended there. Then someone came along and said no, it’s not just the roller coaster. It’s the ticket sellers, the refreshment stands, the carpark, it’s even the shrubbery, even the rubbish bins. And Disney transformed the amusement park into a world.

Branding is the marriage, not the wedding

Branding needs to be a continuous process that ends only when your business ends. Many clients think they can do a workshop or campaign and then be done with it and get back to the serious end of their business and spend their budget on the things that drive ROI. But brand is the serious end. And brand does drive ROI.

Darren Taylor

Darren Taylor

MD & Head of Strategy and Research

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