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Introduction: the brand despots among us This 4-part series will explore what I call the

Translation: Gen Z speak for ignoring traditional marketers The real digital natives You’ve all doubtless

Gen Z is the largest generation, making up 30% of our current global population. As the future buyers and

Brands fulfill more than needs I recently talked with Mario Herger, author of the book

The global automotive industry is currently being disrupted on a level not seen since the

New initiatives support local business  I’m an eternal optimist and also like to be provocative.

Rebranding Branding Podcast #17

COVID has changed the arts industry forever. Live music performances delivered online haven’t really taken

Rebranding Branding Podcast #16

Like all things, launching a start-up is all about timing. COVID has made it hard

Rebranding Branding Podcast #15

The food, hospitality and hotels industry has indeed been one of the hardest hit with

Rebranding Branding Podcast #14

he superannuation and SMSF industry has been greatly impacted by regulatory changes brought about by

Rebranding Branding Podcast #13

Planning the road out of COVID is challenging for all brands at the moment. Knowing

Rebranding Branding Podcast #12

Many brands are currently neck-deep in strategy review and reset discussions. Our guest, leading global

Rebranding Branding Podcast #11

COVID has been an ideal ‘break in the traffic’ to reflect on your brand and

Rebranding Branding Podcast #10

Tapping into the emotionality of your brand can turbocharge its performance. Hear from this inspiring

sticky notes

The Xfactor Collective brand specialist Darren Taylor answers the question that every organisation is now

Rebranding Branding Podcast #09

The world has stopped. It’s a rare moment, albeit a perfect one to re-focus on

Ducks in a row

Shorthand Most service-based businesses really find it hard to nail their value proposition and to

Rebranding Branding Podcast #08

Everything is measurable  I’m a data nerd. And one of the beautiful things about digital

Rebranding Branding Podcast #07

If you are a service business, what makes you any different or more valuable than


The who of personal branding  Lots of us dream of starting our own business, or

Rebranding Branding Podcast #06

For many non-marketers, brand is seen as intangible and an expense. Marketers often have to

Rebranding Branding Podcast #05

We’re in unprecedented times. With the economy and our lives in lockdown and with many


Watch your inputs!   The phrase ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ was coined by an IBM programmer

Rebranding Branding Podcast #04

In conversation with Adam Griffith, Managing Director of leading digital agency, Luminary, this podcast explores the


Brand is often misunderstood by startup founders, particularly by those who don’t have a branding

Rebranding Branding Podcast #03

Chatting with startup strategist and investor, CEO of SIP Management Consultants, Ernest Stabek, this podcast uncovers


It’s obvious that natural disasters demand comprehensive cooperation. Federal, state and local governments, not-for-profit and

Rebranding Branding Podcast #02

Chatting with disaster response expert Renae Hanvin, CEO of Corporate2Community, this podcast discusses the importance of

Rebranding Branding Podcast #01

This inaugural podcast hosted by Darren Taylor talks about why brand strategy is critical for


Brand specialist Darren Taylor helps us glean the key take-outs from the Celeste Barber campaign,


The Xfactor Collective specialist member Darren Taylor answers a common question about how organisations can


Death, taxes, and recessions Three-quarters of economists polled by the Wall Street Journal think there


In my book Rebranding Branding, I discuss Tourism Australia’s scandalous 2006 campaign, ‘Where the bloody


Not a one-time event. Is your brand always on? Or was it just a one-time


Blank stares When I ask clients how they measure the effectiveness of their brand, most


Brand refreshes are common. But renaming an organisation is a rare, delightful game changer in


The advantage of very small business Very small businesses are great at customer engagement. They


The roller coaster of new markets Many organisations fail because they focus on what they


Bad bosses Studies show that the number one reason people quit their job isn’t because


Does your brand harness the power of emotion? Few businesses understand the power of emotion


Big, hairy, and audacious Most organisations do not have a brand strategy. As a result


The Xfactor Collective brand specialist Darren Taylor answers the question that every organisation is now


Do you know your values? Quick! Name your company’s values. A lot of organisations don’t


A lot of organisations don’t know what their value proposition is. And sometimes when they