Second to none: Deputy’s critical brand refresh that unlocked the US market with inclusive and accessible design

May 10, 2021

Lisi Schappi, Director of Design at Deputy, joins the podcast today to tell us the unique story of Deputy’s refresh as they enter the US Market. Deputy is an Australian software company that offers a complete workforce management solution.

With employee rostering, shift planning, and timesheet management, it’s used by businesses big and small, from Bunnings and Amazon all the way down to local neighbourhood café. Started in 2008, Deputy hadn’t touched its brand since its launch. With the company wanting to expand into new markets (past the 90 countries it’s already in!), and particularly the US, the business decided that a brand refresh was needed.

In this episode, Lisi takes us through the collaborative and co-design approach that the business went through in refreshing the brand’s visual identity. From problematic connotations with their old brand to inclusive and accessible design principles, to forming a team of ‘Brand Champions’ within the business to work on the refresh, Lisi explains how Deputy arrived at its refreshed people-first brand.

To see the previous branding and new branding, click here.

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