Brand Creative

Logos and colours – but make them meaningful.

At Taylor & Grace, our ethos is that a brand is not just your name and logo, it’s about who you are and what you stand for.

Once we uncover that information through brand strategy, our talented designers mull on this information before developing your visual brand identity; this is called strategy-led design. We then work collaboratively with you to create a visual expression of your brand that resonates with your business and your audience.

How we do it:

Example case studies:

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Brand Strategy

Have you ever wondered about the ‘why’ behind brands?

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‘Cos we are living in a digital world and we are digital girls. Well, people.

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Content and Brand Activation

It’s time to make your brand sing, dance and act – purposefully.

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News & Insights

We all understand the textbook definition of courage, right? Of daring to be different, embracing the unknown, and being brave when the scary stuff happens. But courage in the context of purpose-driven business is a more specific beast.

B Lab is a global non-profit that has developed a set of standards and governance enabling businesses to validate their commitment to meet high goals

Brand communication is how a brand conveys messages – encouraging your audience to feel a certain way and motivating them to take a specific action.