Brand Creative

Our team is filled with all different types and flavours of creativity, and it’s in this stage that we get to let our right-brained side take the reins. We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to creative recommendations; We make sure that all of our creative decisions are aligned with the brand strategy. We use that information to help your brand inspire and interact with your audience. Our goal is to find a unique creative expression that is utterly bespoke and puts its best foot forward.

All brand identities that we present undergo preliminary checks for IP and trademark availability. When relevant, we suggest our clients to register trademarks for the wordmark (name) or stylised brandmark (logo) for relevant classes and jurisdictions. We have a number of trademark legal firms with whom we can connect you to guide you through this important process.

On our Brand Creative menu is:

Brand naming

Tagline development

Brand tone of voice and narrative development

Brand identity creation, refresh or redevelopment

Key messaging development

Style guideline development

Website development

Stationery and collateral development




Taylor & Grace can bring your brand to life.
We adapt your branding to suit you down to the ground. From a national or international launch, or awareness raising and growth, to lead generation through digital and search marketing, we get your brand out into the world. Whether you need internal communications campaigns or external communications campaigns, Taylor & Grace has you covered. We can bring your brand out into the physical world with experiential marketing (using VR and interactive entertainment), event organisation and PR. Our campaigns are a fully integrated offering and we work with you to choose the best vehicles for your brand.