A new direction that realises possibilities for people living with Parkinson’s

Fight Parkinson's

Founded in 1980, Parkinson’s Victoria has spent more than 4 decades advocating for people whose lives have been touched by Parkinson’s. Their work has greatly improved the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s – including for people with Atypical Parkinson’s (PSP, MSA, CBS) and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

In early 2021, the organisation reached out to their community, asking them directly what they needed from the organisation and how they thought it should be done. This is where their partnership with Taylor & Grace began. Taylor & Grace conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative brand research before crafting a comprehensive brand strategy, including brand portfolio work across their many sub brands. Taylor & Grace then led the creative naming process, landing on a new and invigorating name and tagline that reflected the changing organisation and its community.

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This project was part of an integrated and transformative program of work delivered by The Xfactor Collective

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Brand strategy

Brand portfolio strategy

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The brand mark

A strong brand device was essential to support this and the Fight Parkinson’s logo is made up of abstract letter ‘Ps’ to represent the tight-knit Parkinson’s community. The brand device represents how Fight Parkinson’s brings individuals with unique stories and situations together, uniting them under a strong, supportive organisation. It also represents the ‘interconnectivity’ of the services and care provided through the support the organisation offers, and offers a sense of the motion or energy that is created as possibilities are realised. The bright blue of the brand device projects optimism and hope, while the navy of the wordmark projects professionalism and an authoritative voice to help position Fight Parkinson’s as an expert.

Fight Parkinson’s. Together we can.

The tagline ‘Together we can’ and the entire new direction for their messaging, is a call to action. It reinforces the brand’s ambition to bring the community together, and remind people living with Parkinson’s they are not alone. Through their new name, brand, messaging, and identity Fight Parkinson’s have positioned themselves in a way that will maximise opportunities for advocacy, research, support, and fundraising, while strengthening their reputation and asserting their independence. Fight Parkinson’s represents the work their entire community needs to do together to realise possibilities for people living with Parkinson’s.

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