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Rebranding Branding

The Book

Rebranding Branding tells the story of brand from the British East India Trading Company all the way to Brexit, with thought-provoking titbits and helpful hints throughout. The book explores why brand must no longer be viewed as the stepchild to marketing but rather as a lighthouse for all business strategy; an always-on beacon to illuminate your organisation’s core.

In my nearly 20 years working as a brand strategist, it’s always surprised me how few business leaders really understand what brand is and how it can be used to drive great culture and performance. Sadly for many, brand is a massive missed opportunity.

I don’t blame them for it, because many are more native to finance than they are to brand and marketing. So we took it upon ourselves to educate business leaders about the power of branding, to ‘rebrand branding’. Firstly with our book, our regular content and now, our podcast.

Yours in rebranding branding,


Darren Taylor

The Podcast

Don’t have the time to sit down and read? We don’t either! Which is why we’ve launched Rebranding Branding as a podcast so that you can listen to the best branding advice and content on the fly.

Hosted by Darren Taylor, the podcast includes a variety of industry experts who join to chat about on the latest and greatest in branding today.

Rebranding Branding: The Podcast is available where ever you get your podcasts.

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