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Outlandish Ventures

The Australian Landscape Conference has enjoyed almost 3 decades of success as an internationally recognised event. Held biennially, the conference enables a range of industry professionals to convene on the ideas and concepts that create outstanding landscapes. Fleur Flanery took over the ALC in 2019 with ambitious visions, however, as a global pandemic unfolded, the 2020 conference was delayed, until a very successful hybrid event was held in 2021.

After attending the 2021 event, Darren Taylor spoke to landscape designers and architects, both from the conference and outside of it, and conducted industry specific research, it became clear there was a gap in the market for inspiration and new thinking related to landscape design and architecture professions. Fleur’s big vision that addressed this was to create a global content and experience focused brand for the landscape design community and the idea of Outlandish Ventures was conceived.

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Outlandish’s’ foundation vision is crafted around the igniting of new possibilities, including how we work together as a profession, find inspiration, engage in new thinking, and commit to pushing boundaries. The vision saw Outlandish launched as an umbrella brand, with a number of products and services and/or sub brands sitting beneath it – the Australian Landscape Conference being one of these. “The whole idea around the umbrella brand is to really break boundaries in landscape design, to ignite new possibilities for the global landscape design community and to inspire new ways of thinking and working”, explains Darren. “This is against a context that is changing and becoming more complex for the profession as megatrends coalesce – climate change, urbanisation, Indigenous engagement, materiality; making the need for new, expanded, multi-disciplinary thinking undeniable”. Fleur’s vision for Outlandish is broad reaching, and as a result she needed a brand that was inspiring and interesting, that stood out, but also offered the flexibility for expansion into multiple sub brands over time.

Taylor & Grace developed that master brand, along with a couple of the initial sub brands (which includes ALC). We assisted in launching a sub brand – Land Escapism, a place-based professional development immersion in a landscape setting. Taylor & Grace were also involved in the event marketing for Land Escapism, which was fully booked and held successfully in February 2022. From that, our involvement also extended to the launch of the subsequent Australian Landscape Conference, in March 2023.

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