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How to avoid brand despots How to avoid brand despots  Trump was the most famous,

Identity and values Identity and values A key element of any brand is its visual

It’s not about politics (the despot is the message) It’s not about politics (the despot

Introduction: the brand despots among us This 4-part series will explore what I call the

Translation: Gen Z speak for ignoring traditional marketers The real digital natives You’ve all doubtless

Gen Z is the largest generation, making up 30% of our current global population. As the future buyers and

Brands fulfill more than needs I recently talked with Mario Herger, author of the book

The global automotive industry is currently being disrupted on a level not seen since the

New initiatives support local business  I’m an eternal optimist and also like to be provocative.

Rebranding Branding Podcast #17

COVID has changed the arts industry forever. Live music performances delivered online haven’t really taken

Rebranding Branding Podcast #16

Like all things, launching a start-up is all about timing. COVID has made it hard

Rebranding Branding Podcast #15

The food, hospitality and hotels industry has indeed been one of the hardest hit with

Rebranding Branding Podcast #14

he superannuation and SMSF industry has been greatly impacted by regulatory changes brought about by

Rebranding Branding Podcast #13

Planning the road out of COVID is challenging for all brands at the moment. Knowing

Rebranding Branding Podcast #12

Many brands are currently neck-deep in strategy review and reset discussions. Our guest, leading global