Focus Lab’s Bill Kenney on reshaping business through brand

August 23, 2021

In this episode, host Darren Taylor sits across from seasoned and talented branding expert Bill Kenney, CEO of US-based branding agency Focus Lab.

In a rare case of brander speaking to brander, Darren and Bill explore the changing world of strategy-led brand through and post-COVID. Focus Lab, like many creative agencies experienced a lull at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to put the time to good use by rebranding their own agency. With their branding work helping reshape their core business, Bill speaks about putting those learnings to use and tackling the pent-up demand from COVID-19.

Bill Kenney’s unyielding appetite for all things design, entrepreneurship, and serving others make him a grateful leader at Focus Lab. After four years in Tampa earning his B.F.A., Bill landed in the quiet southern city of Savannah, Georgia. In the years that followed, he organically (and unexpectedly) helped found the brand agency you see before you today. With the simple, original goal of doing great work and serving people well, Focus Lab went from a two-person, part-time affair to a globally-recognised and influential team of outstanding humans.

Now living in the Garden State, he spends his downtime with his wife and son. Weekends consist of running, talking gravity and space with his son, reading loads of non-fiction, and hiking any mountain he can find.

You can follow Bill on LinkedIn here, or explore Focus Lab’s brilliant work here.

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