The future of branding and marketing according to ANZ’s Resident Marketing Futurist

October 6, 2021

What does the future of brand and marketing look like? We sit down today with ANZ’s Resident Marketing Futurist (aka Senior Manager of Customer Centricity and Capability) Kate Young to find out.

With an ever-increasing and exciting rate of change ahead of us,  Kate gives us a teaser of both what marketing and marketers will look like in the future. Technology will increasingly play a role in how we interact with brands and audiences, which is accompanied by the growing amount of data at our fingertips. This growing data feeds into Kate’s next prediction of what the next step beyond personalisation is: anticipation. The anticipation of needs, wants, fears, and desires of audiences that will make for human-centric and intuitive brand experiences.

Kate also speaks to ANZ’s focus on their internal roadmap and supporting their marketers of tomorrow through their Marketing Masters and Brand Academy programs. ANZ knows that the profile of a top-performing marketer is changing, with a greater focus on people who can blend vital soft skills (creativity, adaptability, resilience, empathy) with new technical skills (data and technology literacy).  For marketers to be successful now and into the future, they need to recognise the rapid rate of change in the way we live and connect with each other digitally, in order to bring value to customers.

About Kate

Kate Young is Senior Manager, Customer Centricity & Capability at ANZ and has been with the banking group for over four years.

Acting as a Marketing Futurist for the ANZ marketing team, Kate’s remit is to ensure the bank has a clear roadmap that outlines the capability required for future success. She ensures teams are future-ready and proofed through up-skilling and reskilling programs. In this leadership role, she takes responsibility for fostering the mindset, foresight and capability required to be a globally competitive marketing team.

Since joining ANZ, Kate has been instrumental in developing and implementing the bank’s Marketing Masters and Brand Academy programs; which aim to help marketers reach their full potential and set them up for future growth.

A strategic marketing professional with over 20 years of experience, Kate has worked across industries including financial services, retail property management, health and wellbeing, hospitality and tourism. Her expertise spans B2B, B2B2C and B2C roles in large organisations, including Westfield, GE Capital and AIA Australia, making her a sought-after podcast guest and conference speaker. She is also a judge in B&T Awards, the country’s biggest awards for the advertising, marketing, and media industries.

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