Why You Should Build A Brand That Repels People

October 26, 2021

We speak to fellow brand aficionados Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster, co-founders of US brand agency Root + River about the origin of branding (hint: it’s OLD), branding 101’s and how the notion of branding has shifted in the last 15 years with the emergence of a more socially-conscious marketplace.

We also discuss the dangers of ‘woke-washing’ and gimmicks, the necessity of unearthing – and owning – your truth, and why repelling people with your brand’s natural musk is a good thing…Hear us out okay?

About Emily and Justin

Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster are the founders of the intrinsic brand practice, Root + River. Working with heart-based leaders, they believe that all great brands are spiritual experiences. Emily and Justin are on a mission to inspire all leaders to go inward – and reframe and redefine the role of brands and their impact on the world.

Their intrinsic brand coaching is driven by three principles:

  • branding is first a spiritual exercise; starting in the heart of the leader (the root) as a belief system.
  • these beliefs become the foundation of a powerful message that reaches deep into the hearts of the audience.
  • this message flows out into the world (the river) via modern marketing and in compelling brand experiences.

Justin and Emily bring a compelling blend of leadership doctrine, spiritual intelligence and practical marketing advice intended to inspire and inform in new but timeless ways. Whether in coaching, writing or presenting, they provoke with passion, art and practical ideas that leave the audience or reader saying “I’ve never thought about that before!”

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