The 3 most important things you need to know about brand strategy

July 7, 2022

Think of the last place you ordered fast food or bought groceries. Chances are, your edible purchase was from a company with a brand identity. Whether it was Kleenex or Coles, when you decided you wanted to buy a box of tissues or a carton of milk, their brand identity popped into your mind. You didn’t have to Google, search and scour to find what you were looking for – the most popular brands were already there, chilling out in your head.

So, how did these brands become, well, brands? How did they create such a presence in your mind that, when you get a runny nose, you think about an entire brand identity. 

What is brand strategy?

As a branding and creative agency, we get asked all the time, ‘what IS brand strategy?’.

Think about the most recognisable brands out there. When we think of them, we have a clear idea of what they’re about and what they offer. This didn’t happen overnight (or by accident) – chances are, there was a lot of work that went into creating their brand, and they all have a brand strategy.

Brand strategy is everything it takes to create a recognisable brand, collated in one document (aka your brand strategy document). It’s your business’s game plan for standing out in your niche and even breaking into new ones. It’s the blueprint of your brand, and helps to guide businesses in a purposeful and powerful way. It’s the architectural plans before the house or renovation is built. Brand strategy is where organisations and businesses define statements like their Vision, Mission, and Purpose statements. A brand strategy should clearly outline:

  • Who you are
  • Why you exist and why you matter
  • Your brand belief and values
  • Your target audiences
  • Your differentiation and unique value
  • Your positioning in the market
  • Your vision and ambitions
  • Your brand’s personality and tone

When you nail your brand strategy, your business will become memorable in the eyes of your perfect customer so that, when they think about whatever it is you offer, your brand will be in the front of their minds.

What you need to know about brand strategy

Your brand isn’t necessarily 100% tangible. It’s not just your logo, your website or your tagline – it can be the feeling people get when they think of your business. It’s the reputation, the word of mouth comments, the space in society it takes up. So how can you get brand strategy right? As a branding and creative agency, we’re here to help you get started. If we could only tell you a few things about brand strategy, then these are top of the pile.

1. Define your purpose

When you’re crafting your brand strategy document, you HAVE to keep your purpose at the forefront of everything you do. More than just ‘selling handbags’ or ‘fixing unicycles’ – your purpose is the reason you wake up every morning and go to work.
Take a look at some brands you interact with and find out what their purpose is. IKEA, for example, have the following purpose on their website:

“To create a better everyday life for the many people.”

Check out this brand statement from Tesla:

“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Now think about the real purpose of your brand and let it guide all of your brand strategy decisions.

2. Be clear on your strategic intent

Whether you hire a branding and creative agency like Taylor & Grace to get your branding strategy sorted, or have a crack yourself, being clear on your strategic intent is crucial. Lasting change and impact comes from acting in a well-thought out and strategic way.
Some food for thought when you’re crafting your brand strategy:

What effect does your brand want to have on the world?
What does your brand stand for?
What are your core beliefs that underpin everything your brand does?

What is your business ambition?
How is our offering truly unique?

3. Be consistent

What do Adidas shoes have in common with Adidas shirts? They have a similar ‘vibe’. That vibe is the Adidas brand and, even when those eye-catching three stripes aren’t used, you can often still tell it’s Adidas. When someone talks about being ‘on brand’, they’re actually talking about consistency, meaning that no matter how you come across a brand (be it a shirt, shoes, website, or Instagram ad, it’ll all look and sound like YOUR brand).

Your brand strategy document is essential to keep your brand consistent. Consistency helps build connection with your customers through familiarity. Whether it’s your tone of voice, your colour palette or your Instagram posts, a consistent brand identity will help you become a trusted, reliable source where customers know what to expect across all channels, products and services.

Create your brand strategy

Now you know these three most important things about creating your brand strategy, it’s time to get started.

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