Preparing green-tech company Carbon Asset Solutions to launch to the global market

Carbon Asset Solutions

Carbon Asset Solutions, also known as CAS, is on a mission to transform agriculture into a climate change solution. The team comprising business entrepreneurs, scientists, developers and engineers came together to tackle the world’s most challenging problem: man-made global warming.

Agriculture contributes almost 20% of carbon dioxide emissions yet soil can remove and sequester carbon more than any other method if farmers can be encouraged to transition to regenerative agricultural practices. However, there hasn’t been a reliable solution to do that, until now. CAS has spent the last 3 years developing the world’s most advanced digital measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) supply chain for soil-based Carbon Credit supply. This means farmers can be paid for storing carbon in the soil, and corporations can access reliable supplies of high-integrity Carbon Credits to help them meet their net zero obligations, a win-win for both sides.

Working with CAS on a tight deadline ahead of a global climate summit in Washington DC, we developed messaging, a new website and a launch video explaining how the CAS MRV can help change the world – for the better. The result is a thorough explanation of their products and services so CAS can onboard farmers and corporations to take part in their program – and ultimately reduce carbon emissions globally.


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The work/the impact

The work that has been done by Taylor & Grace has helped reiterate what Carbon Asset Solutions are trying to achieve and has served as a tool to help transform the way customers think about the brand. The website development has allowed CAS to position itself as “the only digital MRV for soil carbon”, while the creation of the video has further emphasised this; resonating with government and corporate leaders on a national level.


In addition to this, the new website design has delivered a fresh and simplified way for readers to find out more about what CAS has to offer along with ways in which their product can help the environmental crisis on a global scale.
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