Repositioning a non-for-profit as the nation’s leading voice on grief

Grief Australia

Previously known as the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, Grief Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports grieving Australians through support services, training and research. After 27 years in operation, they underwent a strategic review to uncover opportunities to increase their community impact, resulting in a need to reimagine the brand.

Brand strategy & research

Brand creative

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Campaign activation

Social media strategy

Brand guardianship

The work

Our work with Grief Australia was truly a full-service engagement from strategy and research through to creative, content, digital and activation. As a first port of call, Taylor & Grace ran in-depth interviews and workshops with clients and staff. The sessions revealed that the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement was much-loved by those who used their services and was assumed to be the leader in the sector.


However, there was a feeling that the brand – and the breadth of its expertise and services – was not well-known to the public, and thus not reaching its full potential to assume market-leader status. It was also felt that the brand needed to modernise in order to help them on its mission to destigmatise the topic of grief for Australians who typically are known to avoid the topic.

The result

A simplified name, Grief Australia was decided upon and a fresh look and feel was created boasting an optimistic teal and white palette in line with the new brand idea of “illuminating grief”. A brand launch campaign, ‘Grief has many faces’ and strategy were also devised, supporting the notion that there is no right way to grieve and that Grief Australia is here to support people on their unique journey through grief.


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