Smarter SMSF

Rebranding to increasing awareness of a broader product portfolio


"The outcome of this process has translated much further than just in revenue - most importantly, we have a brand that reflects 'us' - something which the Taylor & Grace team were able to identify early on in the process and then have this run right through the process - from website design, colour palette, through to the clever messaging in our t-shirts."

CEO & Co-founder


SMSF Academy (as it was previously known) was an innovative, cloud-based platform for accountants and financial planners. They needed new branding that more accurately reflected their broader product focus on technology and specialisation. They also needed to communicate to non-technical, financial professionals they were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable rather than nerdy or high tech. It’s a fairly dry subject matter, so T&G saw it as an opportunity to visually differentiate SMSF from the competition.


We renamed them Smarter SMSF to reflect their expanded ambitions to be smarter than the competition while at the same time conveying their user-friendliness. The rebrand included a new logo and style guide using clever and fun messaging coupled with clean and minimal layouts to stress approachability and helpfulness.

The ‘S’ icon is an abstract portrayal of a coin, acting as a symbol for wealth.

The new colour palette helps it to stand out amongst competitors who utilise more corporate, conservative colour schemes. It positions Smarter SMSF as a brand that is confident, innovative and trustworthy.


The rebrand was rolled out at the SMSF National Conference to very positive feedback, leading to new acquisitions and increased revenue.