Business and brand transformation creates new direction for service design consultancy Beaker & Flint

Beaker & Flint

Based in Melbourne, Beaker & Flint was founded in 2017 to upskill and evolve customer and employee experiences. Since its launch, Beaker & Flint’s business has grown and focus has evolved, and Taylor & Grace were privileged to assist in their rebranding. Our brand stakeholder research, resulting brand strategy and brand creative identity work has helped position Beaker & Flint as leaders in the growing service design industry. Beaker & Flint’s creative identity aimed to showcase the boldness, modernity, and pragmatism of the brand, with the brand device conveying the journey Beaker & Flint takes their clients on. In activating Beaker & Flint’s new brand, we designed their new website, bolstered by a comprehensive UX design process, and assisted in their product strategy.

Brand research

Brand strategy

Brand creative

Style guidelines

Brand collateral

UX/UI design (website)

Product strategy

Product creative

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