Launching a brand that unites and advocates for the Australian social enterprise sector

Social Enterprise Australia

The founders of a new entity, Social Enterprise Australia, came to Taylor & Grace wanting to create a unifying brand and accompanying launch campaign that would amplify their new position as the peak body for the Australian social enterprise sector. Although going from strength-to-strength, the social enterprise sector in Australia lacked a singular, galvanised voice that would stand on the parapet and advocate for the group as one. With a large ambition of making social enterprise business as usual through the implementation of a long-term national strategy, they needed a clear identity that would get them there.

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The brand

Taylor & Grace worked alongside the Social Enterprise Australia team to unearth and define the strategic foundations of the brand through workshops and research. Creatively, the brand needed to position itself as the trusted leader in making social enterprise business as usual. Approachability and warmth also needed to be factored in as the sector often facilitates small businesses who are making their first foray into entrepreneurship.

The result was a brand that embodied the idea of an expansive, ever-growing network that lends itself to unending possibilities. The brand device reflects the dynamism of the social enterprise sector and champions the idea of connectivity and galvanising as a force for good. The colour palette is identifiably that of Australia, with warm earthy tones inviting the audience to trust that Social Enterprise has the planet and its people’s best interests at heart. The brand messaging conveys difficult-to-understand concepts in a digestible manner, helping the audience to understand more about the sector and the role Social Enterprise Australia plays in it.

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Change the Game campaign

The campaign needed to educate people on what social enterprise is, speak with a unifying voice and then encourage others to join the movement. The result was ‘Change the Game’, an emotive and thought-provoking video-led campaign that championed the self-reliance of the category and the empowerment it can offer not only to the current ‘players’ but also to the new adopters. Leaning on famous moments throughout recent history that have ‘changed the game’, the video then positioned social enterprise as the solution to our most pressing environmental and societal issues. The campaign was a co-owned campaign that anyone involved in the social enterprise sector could adopt and use on their own channels to help ‘change the game’ more widely.

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