Bold new look energises Social Traders and Australian social enterprise sector

Social Traders

Social Traders were the winners of our 50for50 initiative in 2020, where Taylor & Grace celebrated our own rebrand by giving away $50,000 worth of brand work to a worthy pro bono project. Social Traders is the national trailblazer for Social Enterprise Procurement and Taylor & Grace were honoured to be able to support their vision. Building off the brand and market research that the Social Traders’ team had completed internally, Taylor & Grace conducted a number of brand workshops to inform the brand strategy and resulting brand creative. Social Trader’s new brand identity was crafted to bring the energy and pioneering spirit within the organisation to the world and showcase their brand in a confident, bold, and adaptable way. The Social Traders’ brandmark joins at the corners to represent Social Traders’ unique position as a connector between business, social enterprise, and government. The rounded corners not only create a more friendly looking brand, but also create speech bubbles to represent conversation and human interactions.

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