How a brand can celebrate

Taylor & Grace turns 10

We wanted to celebrate our tenth anniversary by putting our money where our mouth is, and express our 10-year old brand in a new way at our birthday party. We wanted to celebrate with playfulness and non-conformity – two of the values dear to our heart. We chose not to brand Taylor & Grace but ‘age ten’.

We conducted a focus group with our experts – ten 10-year olds – to get a sense of what it means to be ten. From there, our team then went to work creating the brand strategy. We then presented three design concepts to the client (the 10-year-olds) who selected a winner, a video of which was presented at the party. After many years, we use aspects of this work to showcase our team’s ingenuity.

Brand research

Brand strategy

Name development

Brand creative

Collateral creation

Brand Ten graphic
Brand Ten posters
Brand Ten
Brand Ten
Brand Ten
Brand Ten business cards
Brand Ten

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