I Shot The Sheriff: Deputy’s Stellar Brand Refresh

It started with a problem in need of a solution Few Australian tech start-ups have had the success that staff scheduling app, Deputy, has enjoyed. Like many successful companies, its origin story revolves around a problem without a good solution, so the founders created one. In Deputy’s case, Steve Shelley experienced a lot of headaches […]

BlackBerry’s Double Pivot: Brand Transformation Worthy of an Olympic Gymnast

From bars to cars If you worked for an organisation in the first decade of this century and went out with your mates after work for happy hour, you no doubt recall the scene of everyone typing away on their BlackBerry the way teenagers now text on their iPhones. BlackBerry had their own operating system, […]

Brand Despotism: a post-mortem of the Trump regime – Part 4

How to avoid brand despots How to avoid brand despots  Trump was the most famous, the most egregious, the most dangerous brand despot in American history. And we’ve seen there are plenty of brand despots around the world. But most are in countries that are already authoritarian, or ravaged by war and looking for a […]