Brand strategy

Darren is an extraordinarily good brand and marketing thinker. He is rigorous and objective, ensuring that marketing decisions are based on a true picture of the company’s situation. His magic, however, is in how he works with clients. He is able to draw out and synthesise the opportunities facing a business and work in an inspiring and collaborative way with clients that facilitates the heart of a business being expressed.

Natasja Marcelis
Global Communications Planner, MMR Meteorite, London

Your brand is your unique organisational story and promise to all audiences that it touches.

Brand strategy should not be a one-time event, but an ongoing process to ensure your brand stays strong and relevant. We work with you to draw out any salient findings from the work you’ve already done; to expand your knowledge and respectfully challenge your beliefs and assumptions to find opportunities for innovation; and find the appropriate balance between strategy creation and tactical delivery.

Key capabilities

Workshop facilitation

Development of brand purpose, vision and mission statements

Value proposition development

  Brand model development

Brand portfolio strategy

Brand transition and launch planning

Facilitation of internal strategy launches 

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