An engagement makeover for super presentations

"We really appreciated the passion and the level of interest you showed to drive change in the presentations. And the feedback on your presentation to our planners was fantastic!"

Executive Manager, Marketing and Business Development


VicSuper, a highly reputable profit-to-member superannuation fund, has a team of in-house financial planners who present a range of topics to members both in public seminars or within contributing employers’ workplaces. But although the turnouts for the presentations were good, not enough attendees were taking up the call to action: to make an appointment with a VicSuper financial planner to discuss their particular situation in detail. VicSuper had also recently undertaken a brand refresh and had articulated a new value proposition for the fund, so they asked us to ‘refresh’ their presentations in line with the new branding.


We planned a strategy based on engagement. It was clear from their existing PowerPoints that VicSuper could benefit from a new approach, rather than a simple refresh. The marketing team and the financial planners agreed it was time to improve the material they were delivering. So we attended some presentations to get the overall look and feel.

Was there coffee and food? Business cards or brochures on the table? Was the room quiet? Was the presenter familiar with the audio visual equipment? Was the text on screen readable? Were attendees leaving after the presentations without asking for an appointment?


As well as curating and designing new presentations in collaboration with the planners, we proactively produced a detailed Engagement Guide. Our communications consultant was invited to talk to the planners about the elements of engagement. VicSuper responded positively to the new materials, which they say are helping in their wider effort to better promote the great services and products that VicSuper provides for its members.