Allaf Property

Branding a new business for a CEO seeking to serve communities as well as investors

"At Allaf Property we aim to leave lasting impressions in everything we do, and T&G’s brand strategy definitely helps us do that! It gives us a point of difference in both its look and its feel, and it does express what I wanted it to: creativity and forward thinking, professionalism and trust, high-level of thinking and performance, and high quality."

Managing Director, Allaf Property


Ayman Allaf believed that property development should not just be about profits, but also about communities.

One of six children whose parents fled war-torn Lebanon in search of a better life, he graduated with Honours in Engineering and spent more than a decade working for large property development companies.

Ayman created Allaf Property in 2015 to fulfil his dream of creating high-quality commercial, retail and residential properties, as well as social infrastructure developments such as medical, aged care and childcare facilities. He needed a brand strategy for his new company to differentiate and express his progressive mindset, personal integrity and service ethic.


Our creative team conceived a tagline that concisely communicates Ayman’s passion, and a brandmark that was based around geometric shapes and the way they come together to form a unified piece. The brandmark has a retro feel, twinned with the application of the geometric shapes in a way that is fresh and forward thinking, reflecting Allaf Property’s ability to take property development, literally, to new and exciting places.

We created the website,, marketing materials, and are working with Ayman on a range of other projects to communicate the Allaf Property brand proposition.


Ayman proudly calls the brand a great ‘ally’ for his market presentations because it helps to instill confidence in his investors and clients and serves as an excellent talking point for him to express his values and his vision for Allaf Property.

He loves the positive comments he receives on the brand’s elegant look and its three-dimensional feel, and firmly believes it has helped open doors to new opportunities.