When a global brand agency is not enough

"It has been a challenging journey made so much more satisfying by the time I have spent with all of you. You are all so professional, diligent and talented that at times I have felt like a passenger. A passenger relaxed in the knowledge that those driving are well in control!"

General Manager, DoctorDoctor


The Australian Locum Medical Service (ALMS), a national medical deputising service, wanted to rebrand as DoctorDoctor. They hired a global agency, which did some excellent work on branding and design but was not able to complete the brief in full. ALMS had to find another agency that could pick up the DoctorDoctor brand launch project and deliver it to a fast-approaching deadline.


Taylor & Grace accepted the challenge of implementing the brand launch. We began by analysing the work that had been done by the global agency. We did an audit of ALMS collateral and ran a workshop with their leadership team to identify marketing and communications opportunities. We conducted focus groups with GPs and patients, which informed the priorities for defining the brand.

We then wrote key messages that highlighted the company’s longstanding credentials and competitive advantages. The Key Messages document serves as the basis for all internal and external corporate communications. We also wrote, created and managed the distribution of all the materials for the launch, including the website, posters, fridge magnets and brochures for patients, doctor recruitment ads, and an engagement strategy, (including content) for sales reps.


We delivered the job on budget, met the deadline, and seamlessly integrated the work that had been done by the global agency into the finished product. In addition, we took the initiative to propose and create strategic documents, such as a Brand Model and Key Messages that we saw as imperative to the long-term health of DoctorDoctor.