SAI Global

Long term relationship drives brand

"It’s been so valuable having Darren and his team as our partner for five years. They’ve immersed themselves in our business, so much so that when I went on maternity leave they effectively were the backup. They’ve got the knowledge, experience and speed to do a significant number of projects quickly and effectively. It’s such a great relationship and I’d recommend them to anyone!"

National Marketing Manager, SAI Global


SAI wanted to increase brand awareness and adoption of their Settlement Room product, an online meeting space for PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) Australia’s online property exchange network. This digital technology was about to disrupt the Australian property settlement industry but conveyancers and other professionals were hesitant to innovate due to cost of transition. SAI needed a campaign that would both educate, and meet the market where they were.


We created a ‘Prepare for PEXA’ campaign to launch the SAI Global Settlement Room offering to legal practitioners and conveyancers across Australia.

The campaign was rolled out in three phases over 18 months in multiple formats, including direct mail, events and sponsorships, online advertising, trade press advertising, editorial, social media and direct sales.


The campaign generated an increase in subscriptions to SAI’s Settlement Room product to 10,000 – a tenfold increase. Amanda Baker, SAI Global Property’s Head of Industry Development, said the customer engagement that resulted from the material we produced exceeded expectations and that our level of support and teamwork was an amazing value-add to help her reach her campaign goals.